Delightfully Chaotic

Our Pits

on March 21, 2007

Tonight during worship service our Pastor asked us to ask God for that hunger, and desperation of knowing Him more.  So as I was standing there God just started to talk to me about feeling like you’re in a pit. 

No matter how deep or how dark your pit may be do not worry; for the LORD is our Savior.  He is the one who will never turn his back on us; He gives us strength when we have none to go on.  He is the light to guide us out; the hands that grab that pull us out and then shakes the dirt off of us, and then sets us back upon the right path.  Thank you oh LORD for never forsaking us, thank you for always being there even when we turn away and allow our selves to stumble and fall back into our pits.  Oh LORD, you alone are the only one who can dust us off and make us new.  You take us in your loving arms and show us your love, mercy, and forgiveness.  “You are my lamp, O LORD; the LORD turns my darkness into light.”-2 Samuel 22:29.  For those of us who feel that we may never climb out help us LORD.  Let us see your light, feel you grab us out of the darkness and into your glory and love.  In Jesus name…AMEN


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