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You Are Worthy

on April 1, 2007

“Worthy,worthy, You are worthy, Worthy is the Lord”

Thank you Heavenly Father for loving us so much that you sent your son Jesus down to die for our sins.  He gave his life for us and in turn Lord with your help and guidance I want to live my life everyday for you. 

I have been a Christian for awhile now and yet I still let Satan bog me down with the mistakes of my past.  No matter how times I’ve asked God to forgive me, I still let Satan allow that guilt to creep back in to my mind.  Even though I know that when we truly are sorry for our sins and ask for His forgivness He wipes the slate clean for us-He forgives and then forgets.  I don’t know about any of you but I wish I could do the same; there are things in my past that I am far from being proud of, so then why can’t I let go.  Plain and simple; Satan loves guilt-he feeds off it.  So today before Communion I asked God to help me let go off all the guilt and shame that I have felt for so long.  I realize now further in my walk that I shouldn’t ask to forget my sins and I don’t want to.  I think by forgetting them all together I wouldn’t be able to give advice to someone who really needs it.  All the things I’ve been through in my life have been for a reason, I have grown so much in my walk and believe me there is still plenty of room for me to continue growing.

So THANK YOU LORD for never giving up on me and forgiving me when I could not yet forgive myself.  Thank you for your love and mercy, and for helping to grow and to use the mistakes of my past to help someone else in need.  Father I give my life to you, I surrender it all to you, I’m ready to do your will-whatevery it may be.  I know that right now in my life you have called me to ministry and without putting ALL of my trust and faith in you I will not be the servant that you have called me to be so…

“Here I am take me, take me, as an offering.  Here I am giving, every heartbeat for your glory, take me.”

In Jesus name…Amen


One response to “You Are Worthy

  1. Krista says:

    Just so you know I say that Prayer often! My past haunts me all of the time! Sometimes I think, “what is forgivable and what is not? I know the Bible says ALL sins but Satan just loves for us to ask! I have gone through a Divorce and was raised to believe that Divorce was total sin unless it was in adultery–that still works on my mind! According to my grandfather I am living in sin everyday because I am remarried–but I dont feel that way-I think God brought Jeff to me! But Satan loves to keep us wondering! Beth Moore said the most remarkable words I have heard–she said when we feel Satan coming in then we should sit down with our Bibles in hand and read scriptures OUT LOUD! Then she said say out loud “GET OFF MY PROPERTY”! I love this and have used it some many times in the last week! God is with us! Have a great evening!

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