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Motivation for 2 Corinthians Essay

on April 4, 2007

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned this before but I’m taking classes online.  Anyway I’m almost done with this semester but man am I having trouble motivating myself.  I have two classes to finish and the one giving me trouble is my Acts/Corinthians class.  Here it is my last essay exam and I’m at a writers roadblock-its on 2 Corinthians.  Now y’all may think this is crazy because the essays are all open book and we can use outside sources-so how can I be having any problems?  Well it’s easy just because I have books in-front doesn’t make answering the questions any easier, you have to put in a lot of thought to what you write and the information you put in.  Plus with each essay there are 4 questions and each one should be about 2 pages long.  I think I’m ready for summer vacation; I was going to take classes this summer but I probably won’t have the money too and David thinks I should take a little break.  Last semester I took 12 hrs. and this semester 15 hrs.  And let me tell you it’s been a lot and I mean a lot of work.  But the good thing is that in the end it will have all paid off because I will have a degree doing something that I feel I was called to do.

Anyways I just had to vent some of my frustration because I’ve been looking at these essay questions since last week and I’m finally done with three of them and only have one more left.  So please send some motivation my way because I really need it.  Like I said after this I just have one class left that has two tests and them I’m done for the semester-yay!!!  But I think for today I’m not going to put the essay aside since I finished questions 2 and 3 and just work on it again tomorrow.  Maybe then I’ll be more refreshed.


One response to “Motivation for 2 Corinthians Essay

  1. Hang in there. I just completed the business program at LeTourneau University here in Longview. What is supposed to take 2 1/2 yrs took me four because I work full time and have given birth to two children during the process. I will be graduating May 4th but still hve 10 credits outstanding. I am enrolled in 3 classes, physics, chemistry, Adolescent Pyschology. I am with you in the overwhelmed department. But it will be worth it when I am offered a teaching position! Good luck-email me if you need any help!

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