Delightfully Chaotic

Easter Weekend

on April 11, 2007

Well I’ve been pretty busy this week and I finally have a chance to write about our weekend.  First of all I can’t believe how cold it was, I’m talking we had sleet and for here in Texas in April that’s a pretty big thing.  But I have to say that it was pretty cool and Sweet Pea and I enjoyed it. 

Ok so Saturday morning I had to take Sweet Pea up to church so she could do the Easter Lily practice.  Needless to say she was the star, or at least she thought she was.  This girl had question after question, I mean after a while you couldn’t help but laugh about it.  But the funny thing was when the Pastor asked if any of the kids would be shy standing on stage afterwards so the congregation could clap for them.  Sure enough my little diva raised her hand and said “no not me Pastor Randy.”  Of course she wouldn’t be embarrassed; as a matter of fact I’m expecting her to decide she wants to do a solo.

Now I come to Sunday morning-my original plan was to get to church at least 30 min. early because I knew it would be crowded.  So what time do you think we got there–10 min!!!  And do you want to know why, my darling hubby was moving as slow as molasses.  I love him but sometimes he’s harder to get out the door then our two kids.  Luckily I was able to get a seat near the aisle so I could take a couple pictures of my Sweet Pea.  Let me say she did a great job, she was the first one out and went to the right place and everything.  The only thing was that she looked so serious-I’m sure it had to do with it being a packed house.  Oh and in-case you were wondering there was no solo.

After church we all went home and had a big lunch and then we hid the Easter eggs while the kids were in the room with their Grumps.  We had to hide the eggs in the living room since the ground was wet but it was all good.  Sweet Pea had a blast looking for eggs, Chunky Monkey would pick up a couple but had fun opening them up to get the candy inside.  While all of this is going on I’m trying to take pictures, and let me tell you how hard that was.  First of all I couldn’t get one good picture of my Chunky Monkeys face because he would look away right when it flashed.  Then Grumps wanted a pic of me with the kids and their Easter baskets and Sweet Pea decided she didn’t want to take any pictures.  So Grumps said “You’re going to sit there and you’re going to smile and act like you’re happy.”  Man we were all laughing; I don’t know about any of you but I remember being told that as a kid.  Ahhh the memories.


4 responses to “Easter Weekend

  1. Krista says:

    sounds like you had a Wonderful day with great memories. Blessings to you this week.

  2. Krista says:

    oops forgot to ask, How did you get that picture on your site? I want to put one on mine and do not know how.???

  3. Emily says:

    That is so sweet! I am glad you easter went well and I love your nicknames for your kids!

  4. Catwoman says:

    How fun! And yeah, I’m sure there are TONS of pictures of me smiling where I was told to pretend to be happy! Particularly as a teenager! 😉

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