Delightfully Chaotic

Sweet Pea’s Party

on April 23, 2007

We decided to brave the weather and head on out to Kemah to hope for the best, and you know what the weather was awesome.  I’m talking clear skies and nice breezed the entire day.  But first I have to tell about the ride there-Chunky Monkey decided to take only a 30 min. nap in the car, and then for the next oh I don’t know 2 hrs cried.  You can imagine how our nerves were by the time we got there-shot!!!  Oh and don’t think I didn’t try to calm him by giving him wagon wheels, drinks, and toys.  You name it I tried it but the more we tried to do the more he whined and cried.

Finally got to the restaurant and I was so happy to see my mom, sister, and my nephew (Chunk).  I decided to call him this because at 10 months I know he weighs more than my Monkey and he looks just as old as him too.  But he’s definitely cuter than Chunk from The Goonies (love that movie).  We put the boys next to each other but my little man was being anti-social, still in his bad mood.  Ok so lunch was good and so was the cake

Now it was time to open presents, and man she has become a pro at tearing open gifts.  As soon as she would open the boxes and look at the gifts she would say “ok next present.”  I know pretty rude.  But at least she said thank you to everyone for coming to her party and for her presents.  Oh I almost forgot to tell you what she wished for-for everyone to be in her family.  How sweet and her wish came true because well it was a family affair anyway.

Off to the rides-we got the kids an armband so they could ride all the kiddie rides there little hearts could desire.  Sweet Pea loved it and enjoyed all of the rides, Chunk had a great time laughing and smiling, and Chunky Monkey was just kind of there occasionally giving us a smile.  He was not having a great day, like you couldn’t tell.  Afterwards we went to this splash area where there is water shooting up from the ground.   I brought her swim suit and Mimi was going to change her right there (with us a shield), well David didn’t like that idea at all and told us to take her to a bathroom.  Ok well as soon as he says that Sweet Pea already has her pants off and is trying to take off her shirt.  We all couldn’t help but laugh about it, ok well all but David-another grouch.  *I think David and Chunky Monkey woke up on the wrong side of the bed.*

We then had one more stop before heading home and that was to Galveston.  First we went to the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory-yummmmy  chocolate.  You better believe I got more than one thing to try.  And then we  headed to the beach to walk on the sand and she played in the water for a little bit. 

Finally after a long, fun, and exhausting day we headed back home and went straight to bed because we were all soooo tired.  Hopefully y’all had a fun weekend too.  Have a happy Monday!


6 responses to “Sweet Pea’s Party

  1. Emily says:

    Yay I am glad it went relatively well. I remember on Mattie’s birthday she fell asleep on the couch about 20 minutes after everyone left.

  2. Tracy says:

    I totally know how you felt when the car ride was over! My second had “colic” as the drs. called it and every car trip we took for the first six months of her life was miserable. May I suggest getting yourself and Ipod? It sounds terrible, but if the baby isn’t going to stop crying no matter what you do, drown that baby out with some Madonna or something! Totally works!
    The party sounds like it was a huge success!

  3. Nikki says:

    Your day at the beach sounds like so much fun! I just love little children’s birthday parties, especially with lots of family to share in it. I’m glad you had such a day!

  4. Nikki says:

    Sorry that should have said “fun day.”

  5. Jesse says:

    Thanks everyone, I’m so glad that everything worked out even if my little man was a little crabby. Oh and Tracy believe me my mil and I were wishing we had some headphones on or maybe some soundproof glass. But you know what I was so proud of my Sweet Pea because she didn’t complain once about him crying-what a sweetie.

  6. Ok –so I scrolled down after I commented to find the birthday must have been a hit! I love Kema! My dad lives in Houston and we try to make it at least once a year –this year we are coming to Galveston to have some fun in the Rain Forest!

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