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The Wall

on April 25, 2007

Let me first say that I love movies and I love just about every genre of movies.  David on the other hand is obsessed with movies.  He has a calendar with the dates of when his favorite movies are coming out, you know every Tuesday is when they release them.  Sometimes I’m surprised that he doesn’t stalk the trucks at Best Buy.  So what’s the point to my story–The Wall Yes this is THE WALL!  The first six rows are filled with dvd’s and the last two are filled with cd’s.  And this isn’t all of the dvd’s because we have another cabinet with about 30 kid movies.  Anyways the reason I’m bringing this up is because last night David came home with two movies, because you know Best Buy was having a sale that he just couldn’t help himself.  He bought Night At The Museum and The Royal Tenenbaums (The Criterion Collection).  Yes I know many of you could care less what kind of collection it is but he does. 

Now I thought I was bad about having to buy something but David takes the cake on not being able to control spending urges.  Since having kids I’ve been able to control how much and often I buy things.  David on the other hand has greatly improved but he still can’t resist a sale.

Oh now don’t think his obsession stops at dvd’s but that is only half of what he like to “collect.”  His other “hobby” is buying cd’s, and not just any regular cd but movie scores.  Ok so remember the last two rows on the wall, here is the other bookcase , these are all movie scores.  He also has a big box full of scores that he is selling so he can buy the expensive and rare ones.  But I can’t get mad at him because I knew about this obsession when we first got together, however, there are times when it drives me crazy.  Sometimes he acts like it’s the end of the world when he can’t buy something.  Oh and for his birthday, and holidays can you guess what he wants-yep that’s right movies or cd’s, and if you’re not sure which ones he wants then he’ll gladly accept cash so he can go and buy them.

Alright I think I’ve ranted enough about the wall, soon I’ll probably post my favorite movies so y’all can get to know me better.  Thanks for hanging in there with me through this post.  Have a great day because it’s Hump Day.


6 responses to “The Wall

  1. Emily says:

    That is funny. We have a ton more movies than we need and alot from when I was a kid that probably don’t even work. James is like that with video games though. He loves his games 😉

  2. Tracy says:

    My question is, Does he actually watch the movies after they’ve made it to the shelf? I’ve bought movies for my husband that he asked for but are still in the wrapper after four years!
    Atleast it’s a “clean” obsession and you always know what to get him for gift giving occasions!

  3. Jesse says:

    To answer your question Tracy the answer is yes. Eventually he gets around to watching the movies. And yes thank goodness it is a “clean” obsession. As easy as it is to shop for him sometimes I get bored with buying the same thing.

  4. Emma says:

    My friend’s husband is DVD mad…it’s all he spends his money on. Most are still wrapped. She found 2 full boxes hidden in with the Christmas decorations. He’s now her ex. I think your hubby has a loooong way to go before he has a problem!

  5. Tracy says:

    I can understand that it gets boring. I have the problem of not ever knowing what to get my hubby. He doesn’t collect things, he doesn’t have a lot of hobbies, and whenever you ask him what he wants he always says “Nothing”. When it comes to buying gifts for him I go pretty crazy doing it!

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