Delightfully Chaotic


on May 3, 2007

Every morning the kids and I have a ritual: we eat breakfast, then go and chat with Mimi (my mil).  And the answer is yes we live with our in-laws, I’ll save that for another day.  Anyways she’s getting ready for work and we’re just talking and stuff, and the kiddos are running around her room like some wild Indians.  Lets just say they were already driving me crazy so I told Sweet Pea to go upstairs since by then she was purposely bugging my little monkey.  Ok so she goes upstairs and Chunky is walking around the room-or so I thought.  I realize after a couple of minutes that I haven’t seen or heard him, now I’m thinking great what is he into.  I first look in the veranda because he likes to look out of the windows, then the kitchen, living room, and Mimi’s room again.  As you can guess he’s no where and the doors are thankfully closed so he’s not outside.  I stand at the bottom of the stairs and ask Pea if she’s seen her brother, her reply: “yeah mom he’s up here and he’s in his drawer.”  WHAT!! You mean to tell me he crawled up the stairs; “yeah mom all by himself.”  I walk upstairs and he first looks at me like “what” and then he smiles real big for me.  I pick him up and ask him if he’s trying to give me a heartattack and he just laughs.  Great I turn my back on him for 2 min. and he’s crawling up the stairs, at least he made it without falling down and hurting himself.

Then today I go to the bathroom to pee and as soon as I’m out I see him trying to crawl over the couch.  And if he was successful he would have seriously hurt himself because there are a mound of toys behind it.  And lets see he’s also pushed his piano up to the coffee table and has tried to use it to climb on the table.  Seriously I can’t turn my back on this kid for a second.  With Sweet Pea I never had to worry about her digging in cabinets to drink something he shouldn’t or thinking she can jump off the couch (at least not at 16 months).  I’m guessing that this has got to be a boy thing.


4 responses to “Daredevil

  1. Julie says:

    Thanks for coming by!

    I know what you mean, even though their legs are small toddlers can move fast! My 18 month old is a climber but my oldest never was. I think it has something to do with keeping up with the older kids.

  2. MGM says:

    This sounds like you’re talking about MY 16 month old boy! I posted several weeks ago about his similar antics. I’ve had the same thoughts about my boy getting into and onto stuff that I never had to deal with his big sister getting into and onto.

    Maybe we should share some valium!

  3. Tracy says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of having a boy! I too am learning that it’s a non-stop, action filled life. My girls never did climb anything, eat anything, and they loved to sit still and do stationary activities. My boy never stops moving and honestly, what the kid doesn’t eat, he climbs!
    Everyone I know who has a boy says that it only gets better. Whoohoo

  4. Jesse says:

    Well let me tell you how excited I am about it only getting better from here 😉 For the most part it’s a lot of fun, but the other half just scares the crap out of me. I mean I’m thinking one day I’m going to see him on the roof ready to jump off just to say he did it. Ladies what are we going to do with these little guys who think they are invincible.

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