Delightfully Chaotic

Candy Land Anyone?

on May 4, 2007

For Sweet Pea’s birthday she got the game Candy Land and we finally opened it up to play.  You remember the game-it’s fun and easy game for kids to learn colors.  Alright well the three of us played while my monkey tried to eat the extra player in the box.  So at first I thought this should be pretty easy since she knows her colors-wrong.  She was really making it harder than what it needed to be-you know over analyzing.  It would be her turn and she would say “now let me see where I want to go.”  After a few turns she understood that she couldn’t go to just any purple square but the one that was next on the trail.  And yes she won the game-with a little help 😉  What can we say it was her first time playing and I didn’t think she should lose.  Overall we had a lot of fun playing and David got a real kick of me going back to the beginning not once but twice.


6 responses to “Candy Land Anyone?

  1. ooh that was my favorite game as a child.. i should go get that one!! or steal it back from my parents house..:-)

  2. Julie says:

    Isn’t it amazing how they ALWAYs win?! : )

  3. laiadams says:

    My kids love Candy Land!!!

  4. Burg says:

    We’ve been playing a lot of Candyland lately.. My daughter loves it. She’s to the point now though that it’s a bit simple, so sometimes we double up on the cards or just double what one card says. It gets her thinking. I’m just trying to enjoy the fact that she wants to play with me because I know there will come a time when she won’t!

  5. I tried to play Candy Land with CJ, but seeing as how he has the attention span of a, well, 3 year old boy, it didn’t go so well. Shelved for a few months till I’m ready to try again… Sometimes I think a girl would be SO NICE!

  6. Jesse says:

    Having a girl is nice but there are many days when I could do w/out all of the drama.

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