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Posting Pictures

on May 10, 2007

I’ve been debating for awhile if I should post pics of my kids.  I obviously don’t have any problems with posting pics of myself but I’ve been really hesitant about my kids.  I love how some of the blogs I read post pics of their kids because well they are all so darn cute, but as for me I’m just not sure.  I have come across a couple of blogs stating why they wouldn’t post pics-with photoshop they can make it look like your kid is a part of their family.  I’m sure I’m starting to sound paranoid and really I don’t consider myself like that, but when it comes to my kids I tend to worry.

At first I would have never really thought about this but since blogging I have made some really good blogging friends and I want to share my pics with them.  David doesn’t think I should post any but I really want and would appreciate your opinions on this topic.  I want to know why you do or don’t believe in posting pics of your kids.

I just had a thought-does wordpress have it to where you can make a post private and the only way someone can view it is with a password?  Alrighty then, I’m ready for your comments.  🙂


6 responses to “Posting Pictures

  1. Tracy says:

    As you know, I do post pictures of my kids. I do it for a lot of reasons but mostly because we have family members that live all over the country and they can keep track of the kids with my blog. I understand reasons why you would and wouldn’t want to. I’m ok with posting mine because I don’t ever say the name of the town we live in, what school they go to, or where we’re going. In the end, just do what you’re most comfortable with.

  2. MGM says:

    The reason I started my blog in the first place was to keep family and friends from afar posted on news and pics of my kids. We’ve never worried about it much. I don’t give our real names (though I did in the beginning-but never last name) and I don’t tell where we live, though I have posted on places we’ve visited. If someone REALLY REALLY wanted to figure it out, I suppose they could. I’m not sure what scares people about it;I just like to be anonymous within reason. I don’t worry that someone will seek us out and try to abduct our kids. I worry more about identity theft than my kids being taken (but that’s another topic).

    I don’t know if wordpress allows you to set a password, but I’ve seen people require information about a person before allowing them to post. I think if a person is really wanting to get at you or your kids they will find a way to get through just about any safe guard.

  3. Catwoman says:

    You could always take your blog private (I know blogger does for sure, would be surprised if others don’t allow to) where someone has to ask your permission to see your blog.

    Of course, that kind of reduces the chances of making more blog friends, doesn’t it?

    For me, I never expected people I didn’t know to start reading my blog, really. It’s more of a diary for me and the fact that people reads it doesn’t affect too much my writing, at least when it comes to Little Man’s stories, because I print out those posts and intend to get them bound for him someday, so that he has the story of his life.

    Now, I feel that most of the people who read me regularly and comment are friends of mine, and since I don’t use real names, I’ve never felt at risk. But you can bet that if something weird happened, then I’d make my site private and only allow the people who I know or who have become online friends of mine read from that point on.

    I figure there are about 100 million blogs now. What are the odds of a freak finding mine amongst all the other ones??? 🙂

  4. Nichole says:

    I of course post pics, since it is all about her…lol. But I do understand why you would be afraid too. I just figure that if someone REALLY wants to find Mia and I. They are going to be able to whether I post pictures or not.


  5. Jesse says:

    I definetly don’t want my blog to be private because I have met some wonderful women blogging and well I’d feel like a snob and that is so not me. Hmmm I may just surprise y’all one day and post some pics of my kiddos, because the ones who regulary comment I consider my friends. Thanks ladies!

  6. Krista says:

    I had posted 2 pics of my kiddos up when I first started and then deleted them when I got some comment from “anon” about being evil and how god is not real–just a bunch of weird junk–it reminded me of the wierdos out there who could take my babies and turn them into strange photos–what i did was put them as a avatar in my moms of grace profile! Can we add pics in there? Isnt that somewhat more private than this blog?

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