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Recap of Yesterday

on May 14, 2007

Hopefully all you moms had a great day, because I know I did.  Well I didn’t get to sleep in but that’s ok, because David got the kids ready for church while I took my time.  I wish I could say the kids were perfect angels that morning but they weren’t.  They both kind of woke up a little grumpy but thank goodness that didn’t last for to long.  Then he dropped us off at church, he couldn’t stay because he had to help his dad set up a special lunch.  The service was really good and all the moms stood up and we were given a real pretty bookmark and then everyone clapped for us.

So after church Sweet Pea tells me to close my eyes because she made something for me in her class.  I close my eyes and then she says I can look and I loved the gift she made me.  It was a vase with flowers in it all made out of construction paper.  She of course pointed out how she picked out all the colors for the flowers, and then asked me if I would set them out on the table where we always put the flowers.  Of course I just melted right then and told her of course I would and that I couldn’t wait for everyone else to see the beautiful flowers she made me.  There is just something wonderful when children take the time out to draw/color pictures and the crafts they make us.

On to lunch-all during church all I could think about was the great lunch we were going to have: steak, baked potatoes, salad, and cake.  This was more than just a family lunch because my fil invited the Pastor and his family, the Youth Pastor, and another couple from the church; yesterday was not only Mother’s Day but my mil’s birthday too (and she had no idea what was going on).  The tables and chairs were set up outside in the shade and it wasn’t even hot, warm, but not hot.  Lunch was delicious and Mimi was very surprised to see them show up.  We all had a great time just hanging out and talking.

We then decided to go inside to do cake and open up cards/presents.  My mil and I got the same gift-Samsung 2GB MP3 player in purple.  I love it, it’s what I asked for.  And I knew Mimi wanted one so we decided to get her one too, since Grumps got her tickets to the Royal London Ballet Company. 

Overall it was a great day-ok well there was one drawback.  The Youth Pastor’s wife had gotten bit by a couple of ants and within minutes was breaking out in hives.  We gave her some benedryll but that didn’t help at all.  I felt so bad because she had broken out everywhere; oh I forgot to mention that they were celebrating their 2nd anniversary.  She ended up having to go to the emergency room, and she is ok.  Hopefully she’ll go to the dr. this week and try to get some shot or something that she can carry with her whenever something like this happens because yesterday was not the first time that this has happened. 

Overall yesterday was a great day but man do I feel bad about Mandee having to go to the the hospital, and she felt bad but I told her not to feel bad since she can’t control her allergic reaction to ants.  So now I can’t wait to hear how everyone else’s mother’s day went.


One response to “Recap of Yesterday

  1. Tracy says:

    That’s a shame about her with the ants. I’m glad to hear that she’s ok now.
    It is great to see the crafts that they make. Now I truly understand the meaning of “Made with love”.
    I’m glad to hear that your day was great too.

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