Delightfully Chaotic


on May 16, 2007

I was talking to my sister this morning and she told me about a disturbing story on the news from a week ago.,4670,MutilatedInfant,00.html

At the time of the mutilation he was 5 1/2 weeks old, and had colic and the woman apparently snapped and cut off his genitals.  I just don’t understand how anyone could harm their child and do something so horrific.  And then I came across another story about a teen who burned a baby girl with a microwave 

My heart goes out to all of the children in this world who have suffered.  I look at my babies and I can’t imagine do anything like that to them.

I know this post is sad but it just really bothers me when I hear stuff like this-this is also why I hate watching the news and usually don’t.


5 responses to “Speechless

  1. Tracy says:

    I don’t even know how to respond to that. I honestly got sick to my stomach while reading those.

  2. MGM says:

    I can’t even go to the links you’ve posted because I hear so much crap like this every day that I just don’t want to hear about more. I totally know what you are feeling. As a professional counselor, the majority of my clients are children in foster care-all of them with a history of abuse and neglect. I hear horrifying and absolutely unfathomable stuff all the time and I work with the children who have survived it the best they could and are now teenagers. Unfortunately, they are still trying to survive and tend to be a real mess (understandably so).

    One day about a year ago I had two new back to back clients in which horrific details of abuse were described to me involving a two year old little girl in each situation. My own daughter was the same age at that time. I kept thinking of my daughter’s face as these stories were shared with me, and it made me sick. On my way home from work later I almost had to pull the car over to throw up. I couldn’t get home fast enough to squeeze my own two babies.

    All I can say is love and nurture your own kids as if you can somehow save the world by doing so. After all, if everyone did so, we probably COULD save the world.

  3. Burg says:

    These stories made me hug my kids..

    I’d like to see those people have the same things done to them..

  4. chris says:

    I actually genuinely feel like I’m going to throw up. That’s just…horrendous.

  5. Krista says:

    These people are nuts–and there are so many people who cannot have children in this world and want them more than life–and who gets the kids–the freaks who cant take care of them! SO SAD!

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