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Baby Names

on May 21, 2007


Baby names on your list…what names did you choose, and why?

I think like most girls many of us have thought about names for our future children, and why not-that’s the next best thing to finding out the sex of your baby.  So you better believe once I found out what I was having I started making my list of names.  I think the weirdest part was after looking at all the names all of sudden on would just jump out and I knew that that was there name.  Many people asked me how I could decide on one name and not have a backup incase they didn’t look like that name.  And all I could say is that I just knew deep down that it’s what they were meant to be called, and I’ve never regretted my decision ok well with my second I almost changed his name but in the end he has the right name.

Sweet Pea: When it came to what we would name her David pretty much left it up to me, but he would tell if he liked it or not.  So here are the names I choose-Alexandra, Alexis, Jacqueline, Shelby, and Taylor.  Shelby was the name that I was really stuck on and planned on naming her until one day at work we were talking about names and then somebody said the name Madison-that was it for me.  Once I heard that name I knew that was what I wanted to call her.  As for the popularity I didn’t really think about it and sometimes I wish I would have but then again I can’t see her as anything but a Madison; the name certainly suits her. 

Chunky Monkey: Now when it came to naming him David was next to impossible on choosing a name for him.  I think he figured since I named Madison he should choose the name for our son-the whole I’m a guy and I know what sounds good kind of thing.  First off he and I couldn’t agree on any name.  Here is what I wanted to name him-Alexander, Chaz, Chase, Micah (this is the name I really wanted).  David came up with Donovan, and Marcus, and then finally one day he said Joshua.  That was the one name we agreed on and I knew that was his name.  Ok well that’s what I thought until about 2 months before the due date.  He was out working at a church and started talking to the Pastor, they talked about their kids and he said his son’s name was Asher Calvery.  How awesome is that name; I’m telling you for the last two months of my pregnancy that was what I wanted to name him but David put his foot down and said “NO” since we already had it all picked out and told everyone.  But once I saw my little guy I knew he was meant to be called Joshua and the name fits him just right.

But let me tell you if I ever have another boy that is the name I’m choosing no doubt about it.  Now here’s my question do you think I could name a girl that or is it more of a boy name, I’m thinking boy but I want to know what y’all think. 




8 responses to “Baby Names

  1. Melissa says:

    I think you could name a girl Asher. That’s just my opinion. You came up with some cute names for your kids!

  2. chris says:

    Hmmm. To me Asher is a boys name and can’t really do the crossover. You could do Ashton or Ashley.

    I really wanted Bean to be named McKenna, but we already had McKenzie so Prince Charming wouldn’t budge. In the end McKenzie made up Bean’s name and we just knew it was perfect and it really really is. LOL.

  3. Tracy says:

    I have a friend who named their little girl Asher. I think it could fit for both. In my case, we had chosen Jonathon and had told everyone. My mom even had that named printed on these little baby powder scented candles for my baby shower. Then on the way to the hospital, I decided that I didn’t want Jonathon anymore and changed it. She got so mad at me. But hey, I didn’t know if I was going to have any more children, let along a boy and I thought we should give him a family name. So that’s what we did. I love your kids names by the way. I think Madison is a great name and Joshua was a contender for Peters. I’m like you though, I think they come out with a personality and a name already. I know my kid’s names all fit them and if the ones I chose hadn’t I would have changed.

  4. Burg says:

    I loved “Catriona.” I thought “Cat” would be cute for short, and besides, it’s the Gaelic form of my favorite aunt’s name, which is Katherine. Hubs said no way.. I believe his exact words were “And if we have a boy we can just name him Dog Boy.”

    We could NEVER agree on girl names at all, but always had boy names picked out.. That turned out to be rather inconvenient since we had two girls.. The first one wasn’t named until she was born because we didn’t know she was a girl.. It was a mess, let me tell ya!

  5. I think Asher could go either way since it’s not a common name. I almost named my second son Jordan. In the Bible it would refer to the River Jordan overflowing his banks. Now I’m glad we didn’t, since it’s used more for girls. I don’t see Asher suddenly becoming hugely popular, so you may have some flexibility. It’s very nice.

  6. MGM says:

    Methinks Asher could be a girl’s name. Why not? People name their girls Alex and Jordan and lots of short versions go for both boys and girls…like Bobbie, Andie, Nickie, etc. But what do I know? My firstborn was sure to be a boy and her name was to be Benjamin. We did choose something else, by the way, when we found out “he” was a girl! 🙂

  7. Emily says:

    I don’t think I would Asher for a girl personally I think it is a boy name. For our kids we wanted to honor our family in there names and we are very happy with it but sometimes I wish we did not because I feel like that people always start talking about those people whenever we see them which is not that big of deal, just annoying sometimes because I would like to talk about my kids instead. Oh well.

  8. Krista says:

    I think Asher would be cute for a little girl! Addison is a actually a boys name meaning (son of Abraham) but I chose “Adyson” for my little girl! She is definitely an ADY and it fits perfect! My second one was Ella Grace from the time I found out I was pregnant! Now I need a boy so I can name him Jaxon Tate! (Jax for short of course)

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