Delightfully Chaotic

What a night.

on May 24, 2007

“Bingo! Yahtzee! Is that your final answer? Our survey says… God! Bing bing bing bing bing! Well God, nice job on the Grand Canyon, and good luck with the Apocalypse. “

The answer to yesterday’s quote: Truvy/Steel Magnolias.  And let me just say I figured many if not all of you would get it and I’m glad you did because that is one of my all-time favorite movies.  There are so many quotes to choose from so don’t be surprised if another one pops up some time in the future.

Can I just say that I’m getting really excited about going to the movies 🙂  I just know it’s going to be good.

Now onto last night.  I think I mentioned yesterday that we are having a revival at our church and man was it awesome last night.  I’m talking you could just feel God’s presence and we didn’t leave until 11:00 p.m. but you know what it didn’t even feel that late.  I was talking to Ashly about it this morning and I’m hoping that her and my mom will come to listen to him speak.  I was telling her how I’ve been praying for David to become the man of God I know he is meant to be-there is just some kind of hang-up and I’m not sure what it is.  He has been brought up in church but for some reason it’s like pulling teeth to have him go.  Anyway I’ve been feeling discouraged about the calling I feel God has put on my life.  The reason: I know that being in the ministry is something I can not and do not want to do on my own.  I need David there standing by my side, and right now he isn’t filled with the passion and desires that I have.  So last night I told myself that I was not going to leave until he prayed for me, and man what a prayer it was.  He told me that God sees my burning desire and that he will open the doors for me, and that David will come back to God and become the head of our family.  Wooo, God is good!!  I really wish all of you could come and see this guy yourself because he has been a blessing to our church. 

Thank you Father for seeing something so much bigger in my life than I could have ever dreamed of.  Thank you for taking away the doubt I’ve been having and confirming what you have placed in my heart.  I know David will come running back to you, and I pray that he will see the blessings and rewards of living a life that is filled with you.


4 responses to “What a night.

  1. chris says:

    WOW! That does sound like a huge thing! I hope you both find your paths.

    btw, Bruce in Bruce Almighty. I LOVE that movie!!

  2. Parenting says:

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  3. Emily says:

    I can’t wait for Evan Almighty to come out! It looks just as funny as Bruce Almighty. I prayed for my dad to come to the Lord for 10 yrs before he did but when he the timing could not have been more perfect. God works in mysteries and wonderful ways. Pray with you.

  4. Tracy says:

    How was the movie? Oh and that quote is a great one! I’m gonna have to watch that movie now!

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