Delightfully Chaotic

The Party’s Over

on June 23, 2007

[singing] “Some women are drippin’ with diamonds / Some women are drippin’ with pearls / Lucky me, lucky me, look at what I’m drippin’ with / Little girls!” -Annie

Last night I went and stayed with my mom which was a lot of fun except for the fact that her and her boyfriend collect a lot of breakable things and there place is like an art museum-in other words not kid friendly.  And even though I has to keep a very, very, very close eye on Chunky Monkey we still had a good time just hanging out with my mom.  As for Sweet Pea she went home with my sister since she is going to stay with her for the next few days.

On to the party-we had so much fun.  It was at a place called The Incredible Pizza, and everything was indoors which was great because it was hot and humid today.  Between CM and my nephew they threw back quite a few slices of pizza, I mean I thought they were going to burst with how much they were eating and drinking.  Then it was time to sing happy birthday and then the best part-letting him dive into his cake.  OMG!  As soon as Ashly put the cake in front of him he dove in with both hands.  Then after awhile he decided to go ahead and stick his whole face in the cake.  Now I’m not sure what size those little cakes are for their first birthdays but let me tell you this little guy ate half of it, and that also includes the cake and frosting all over his face, hair, ears, arms, oh yeah and up his nose.  And when Ashly decided he had had enough and took it away he started crying because apparently he wasn’t done eating, but quickly remembered all the cake he had all over him and was fine.

After we cleaned the kids up and opened presents we went to the toddler area and pretty much stayed there the whole time since Sweet Pea was the oldest kid there (4).  They had a little jumper for the kids, a train, carousel, and stuff to climb on.  So after much playing we decided that it was time to leave and of cours SP isn’t ready to go because she’s having so much fun.  Well after a good talking to she sat down and put her shoes on (reluctantly), whlie I was talking to my mom and sister about getting everything together.  Then within that minute I realize that SP isn’t there, I look in jumper-nope.  I ask Frank (Ashly’s BF) if she’s with him-no.  Ok you can imagine that in that moment I was in major freaking scary panic mode.  *What doesn’t help is that last night I had a dream that she was kidnapped-it’s my worst fear and big places like that only make it worse.*  Well we all go out in different directions screaming out her name when withing a couple of minutes-which btw seemed an eternity-Ashly found her with some girls playing a dance game.  She gave her to me and I took her straight to the bathroom and asked her why she took off like that and how we had talked about strangers.  I did give her a spanking not hard but enough to get my point across, and then we went back and joined the group.  My mom then told her how scared we all were and she just sat there and cried.  I bent down and told her how much I love her and that I wasn’t mad but that I was so scared that a stranger had taken her.  As I’m telling her this I start crying because the thought of losing her was more than I could bear.  Even now it makes me upset because my kids are my world and I honestly don’t know what I do if anything happened to them.  I told her again how important it is to hold one of our hands and to never run off because if a stranger had taken her she would never see her family again and that they could hurt her.  *I know that’s probably to scary to say to a 4yr. old but how many times do we turn on the t.v. and see that another child has been kidnapped.  Hopefully she now understands the importance of not running away and that not all people are good people.*

Everything is now back to normal and she is with my sister for the next few days-it was hard for me to leave her but I know how excited she was to stay with my sister and Ashly always keeps a close eye on her and will doubly make sure not to take her eyes off her for a second.  As for me I plan on relaxing and watch Dejavu, and pretty much not do anything else since my Monkey is already in bed.  Well good night and hopefully everyone is having a good weekend. 


3 responses to “The Party’s Over

  1. Burg says:

    There’s an Incredible Pizza in Tulsa, but we’ve never been.. I’ve heard it’s a lot of fun.

  2. Tracy says:

    We had Caroline’s 3rd birthday at a place like that. I spent the entire time freaking out, worrying that I was going to lose her. I can only imagine how you felt when she disappeared.
    The only thing I can tell you is that you’re probably going to have to tell her several more times before she really “gets it”. Caroline is 7 and there are still times when I have to remind her that not everyone is a good person.
    I hope you enjoy your couple of days while she’s at your sisters!

  3. mamabright says:

    oh…now that you say it’s Annie…I can so hear Carol Burnett singing it…lol

    my daughter has absolutely no fear of wandering off and talking to strangers…so I understand how scary it is…I’m so glad SP is safe…

    blessings, mamabright 🙂

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