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100th Post/100 Things

on July 10, 2007

“Then you should know now at KNOW things are a lot like they are at NOW, we have to interview every applicant for every job, and so do you or you’d be going against NOW’s definition of discrimination and you wouldn’t want the readers of NOW or KNOW to know that, now would you?”
“I know we could both go on with our lives and we’d both be fine, but I’ve seen what we could be like together. And I choose us.”-The Family Man

I can’t believe this marks my 100th post, and I can’t believe that I actually have people who read my blog.  When I first started this blog I thought it would be a good way to vent and just express myself.  So thank you to all of you who keep me blogging and feeling like I’m not alone in motherhood.   And since I see that it’s custom to list 100 things about yourself here I go.

  1. I really love my two kiddos
  2. and of course David
  3. I would like to have one or two more kids
  4. I know it’s crazy
  5. Cold weather
  6. Christmas
  7. Dogs
  8. Blogging
  9. Italian Food
  10. Any kind of dessert
  11. Movies
  12. Carmel Popcorn
  13. Strawberries
  14. Reading
  15. and lately Rasinets
  16. I have two sisters, and
  17. one brother
  18. I have changed my major at least 5 times
  19. I have a calling on my life
  20. my major is Youth Ministry
  21. I really want to travel and 
  22. I also would like to be a missionary-someday
  23. my sister Ashly is my best friend
  24. I’ve never been into cats but
  25. our latest pet is a cat named Sparkles
  26. and she is super sweet
  27. with kittens I’ve haven’t seen yet
  28. I was a wild child growing up
  29. and pray everyday my kids don’t make the same mistakes
  30. I paid for my first car on my own
  31. it was a 1986 gold Honda Accord
  32. I have a black belt in Tae Kwon Do
  33. I wish I was still in it
  34. my favorite pet was Bear
  35. he was a golden retreiver and I miss him
  36. I’ve also had a
  37. crocker spaniel
  38. doberman pincher
  39. chocolate lab
  40. and I would love an English Bulldog
  41. my birthday is in January
  42. David and I will be married 5 yrs in November
  43. I love singing
  44. but can’t really sing
  45. I also love dancing
  46. especially while cleaning
  47. I played the flute in 6th grade
  48. but umm I’m not musically inclined
  49. my favorite t.v. shows
  50. C.S.I. Las Vegas
  51. Monk
  52. Psych
  53. Army Wives
  54. Will & Grace
  55. And I can’t forget The Young & The Restless
  56. I love the color red
  57. I also like to wear black
  58. but no I’m not a goth
  59. I’m a major Harry Potter fan
  60. ok more like a nerd
  61. I own all the books
  62. yes I’ve pre-ordered book 7
  63. I’ve seen and own all the movies
  64.  and I can’t wait to see the new one this week
  65. I’ve been crocheting for about 2 yrs
  66. I’m not great but it totally realxes me
  67. I’m very sarcastic
  68. and sometimes people take it the wrong way 
  69. but I have a killer smile
  70. oh and I’m a loyal friend
  71. Things I hate
  72. Summer heat
  73. Roaches-they totally freak me out
  74. June Bugs-same as above
  75. I’m not big on heights-
  76. you know like sky diving or bungee jumping
  77. Spinich-it stinks and tastes disgusting
  78. Horror movies-I can’t watch them the way I used to
  79. Oompa Loompas
  80. Being in tight places
  81. People who are fake
  82. because with me what you see is what you get
  83. My first real boyfriend was Ricky
  84. I was 18 and thought I loved him
  85. I love flying
  86. Just saw Trasnformers yesterday-
  87. and it was freaking awesome
  88. I was a tomboy growing up
  89. but now I’m a lady-lol
  90. ok no but I do love to get glamed up
  91. I love Disney movies and
  92. know all the songs
  93. Two things I wanted to be but not anymore
  94. an actress
  95. or a lawyer
  96. I have 2 tattoos
  97. I have about 1 yr left in school
  98. David is the love of my life
  99. even when we drive each other crazy
  100. drumroll please—biggest dream is to go to Italy

Ok that was really hard and I’m sorry that #100 wasn’t more exciting but it really is a big dream of mine.  Thank you for taking the time to read this and if you didn’t read it all the way thru that’s totally cool with me. 🙂


3 responses to “100th Post/100 Things

  1. mamabright says:

    great list!

    I’m aways off from my 100th post…but maybe I’ll start working on my 100 things now…I think it will be hard…

    NO clue about the movie quote…

    happy 100th!!!

    blessings, mamabright 🙂

  2. Julie says:

    Congrats on your 100th post!

  3. Tracy says:

    Congrats on your 100th! I’m so glad you’re here! And that was a really great list!

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