Delightfully Chaotic

Starlight, Starbright…

on July 19, 2007

“This movie has been brought to you by the letters W and B.” 

“So… you know how when you’re walking by a group of people, and you hear them laughing, you sometimes get that paranod, self- conscious feeling that maybe they’re laughing about you, when they’re really not? Well in your case, they really are. “-Waiting

Last night we’re coming home from church and Sweet Pea starts talking about moon following us and how pretty the stars are.  I ask her if she knows who made the moon and stars and she says “yeah God did.”  Then I ask her if she would like to go up into space one day so she could really see it up close.  She got real excited and said how she would love to do that.  Then she tells me that she needs to wish on a star.

Sweet Pea:  Starlight, starbright the first star I see tonight.  I wish that mommy and I will be together forever.

Me:  Ok my heart is just melting, so then I say “you know what Sweet Pea that wish will come true and do you know why.”

Sweet Pea:  No why?

Me:  Because I love you very much and I will always be your mommy so we’ll always be together forever.

Ahhh it’s moments like those I love and cherish, and part of me wants to keep them little forever but I know that I can’t.


4 responses to “Starlight, Starbright…

  1. Catwoman says:

    SOOOOOOO sweet!!!!

  2. MGM says:

    Sweetness! My daughter knows that look on my face and that tone in my voice when I’m feeling melancholic about how fast she is growing up. She then says, “It’s okay, Mommy. I’ll always be your little girl, and I’ll always hug you and kiss you!”

    And btw, my daughter wants to be an astronaut when she grows up. She has been fascinated with outer space and studying the planets for the past 6 months. She knew all the moon phases soon after she turned 3 yrs (including “new moon”–which she taught me…HA!).

  3. Jesse says:

    MGM-How very cool. I’m not sure what started her fascination with space but she loves looking up in the sky and talks about visiting all the planets.

  4. Burg says:

    Awww… Did you slip her an extra dessert later? 😉

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