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High School Spirit Meme

on August 1, 2007

“I may not be a smart man, but I know what love is” 

“Smile, you son of a bitch.”-Jaws 

So I was cruising around blog world the other day when I came upon Musings of a Housewife and she had a meme that I hadn’t seen and thought I would do it so here it goes.

High School Spirit Meme

(black and gold-school colors)

1. Who was your best friend?  Well I had two best friends in high school-Alissa and Bonnie 

2. Did you play any sports?  No I didn’t, instead I was a trainer so I could hang around a bunch of cute guys.  But even though I didn’t play in school my friends and I played volleyball, and I would run around the neighborhood.

3. What kind of car did you drive?  I drove a gold 1986 Honda Accord 

4. It’s Friday night. Where were you?   After the game we would go out and party. 

5. Were you a party animal?  OMG yes,  that’s pretty much all I did during and even after high school. 

6. Were you considered a flirt?  Yes but I wasn’t the type to steal or mess around with someones guy-not my style.  

7. Were you in the band, orchestra or choir?  No 

8. Were you a nerd?  No, but I wasn’t popular either.  I guess you could say I was somewhere in the middle.   

9. Were you ever suspended or expelled?  Not in high school but I was in Jr. High.  I think I spent a total of about a couple of months in and out I.S.S. (in school suspension)  

10. Can you sing the fight song?  No 

11. Who was your favorite teacher?  Coach Yeager    

12. What was your school mascot?  Panther     

13. Did you go to the Prom?  Yes and I had a blast even though by boyfriend had gotten a speeding ticket leaving the after party.   

14. If you could go back, would you?  No way! 

15. What do you remember most about graduation?  Throwing around beach balls and I a few people blew up some condoms and threw them around as well. 

16. Where were you on Senior Skip Day?  Hmmm, hanging out at a friends house getting drunk-I know bad girl.   

17. Did you have a job your senior year?  Yes, and it was my first job-I was a bank teller. 

18. Where did you go most often for lunch?  The snack bar. 

19. Have you gained weight since then?  Umm yeah I’ve gained a little to much weight.    

20. What did you do after graduation?  Moved in with my boyfriend and took a year off from school.  

21. What year did you graduate?  1997     

22. Who was your Senior Prom Date?  His name was Ricky Stewart. 

23. Are you going/did you go to your 10 year reunion?  My 10 yr reunion is this coming August and I don’t think I’m going to go because really what is the point.  To see a bunch of people who were fake then and probably are now or at least will be when they see their old friends-no thanks.  Don’t get me wrong I had a little to much fun back then, and part of me is curious but I didn’t keep up with anyone except Alissa because well she was my one true friend.  So in other words No I won’t be going.  

 Ok so if any of you want to do this feel free and let me know so I can read your post-have a great day.  


4 responses to “High School Spirit Meme

  1. Julie says:

    Ok, now I feel old. I graduated college before you graduated high school! : )

  2. Tracy says:

    I didn’t go to my ten year reunion either. The two best friends I had in high school I still keep in tough with now so I didn’t see the point in going to see a bunch of people I didn’t want to see.
    I graduated only one year ahead of you!

  3. Burg says:

    We got out a few days early if we didn’t have a senior skip day.. We also didn’t have to take finals. Needless to say we didn’t have a senior skip day.

  4. Melanie says:

    Always fun to remember the high school days! 🙂 I still talk to my best friends from high school (who I have been best friends with since 3rd grade).

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